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Short Game: The New Second Fiddle When It Comes to Lower Scores


Having good short game is trump for shooting lower scores.  Or is it?  Yeah I said it.


Maybe short game isn't the most important skill for scoring well consistently?  What if consistent ball striking was more important than short game for lower scores?


Short game is a game changer

Not a game guarantee

Miss the green = Short Game


Consistent ball striking is 100%

Consistent Ball Striking is a guarantee


Hit more greens = Lower Scores

In play off the tee = Lower Scores

Stay in play off the tee

Greens in regulation

Two putt pars

Lower scores



Short game is no less important than before.  Miss a Green and make par = chip it close and one putt.  Miss a green and make bogey or more = chip and two putt or worse.


How does this amateur golf statistic grab yah?



How can you achieve "your" most consistent ball striking?

However you do it; become consistent.

Set up.



It doesn't have to be perfect.

It needs to be reliable.


Invest in consistent ball striking.


Short game will be vital when required.  However; two putt pars are the quickest way to lower scores. 100% GUARANTEED



Develop a Simple Routine

It doesn't have to be fancy.

And it shouldn't be long.

Focus on these aspects for effective results:

  1. Hold the club the same way (grip)
  2. Put the club behind the ball first; then take your stance. (set up)
  3. Get comfortable (balance)
  4. Look at target (focus)
  5. Swing the club (don't hit the ball)


Einstein had theories; here’s what he thought about insanity.

"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" is insane.

What would Einstein theorize about set-up, the golf swing and ball striking?

Doing something different over and over again and expecting the same results" is insane.


Simply stated; if you're not consistent before you swing - your swing won't be consistent. And neither will the results…


Invest in consistent ball striking.

Respect short game as before.

Enjoy your game.


Let's rethink how we prepare and perform.


More greens = lower scores.

Consistent ball striking = more greens.


If you give STEP #1 a go I'll be back with STEP #2 soon.

Until then I am always available at


See you around the tee,


Shawn Plain

Director of Golf

Head Professional

PGA of Canada

Oakridge Golf Club

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